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Based on the Côte d’Azur with over 20 years onboard experience, Emana Yachting offers you the best solutions for surface restoration, protection and project management.
Protection of new paint and gel coat or a renovation project is our forte and our coatings can even keep your running gear clean.


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Zertona is an easy to apply ceramic coating that forms a diamond hard easy to clean protective layer for paint, Gel coat and glass. Zertona prevents diesel soot and black streaks staining and etching into the surface and extends the life of the paint.

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A foul release coating system for propellers and running gear. Its non-toxic foul release coating means organisms can be easily dislodged once the boat is placed in drive. The coating prevents marine growth because it is slick NOT by chemically poisoning the environment.

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Dulon is a high quality classic polish and protection system for paint and gel coat, you can visit the dedicated website here


Paint and gelcoat restoration

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We can advise on the best course of action to take for the protection or restoration of your paint and gel coat, with experience and our finger on the pulse for new innovations we are very well placed to give very well informed solutions to your onboard maintenace issues and renovation projects.
Glass and Plexiglas restoration

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Our training was carried out by the number one glass and plexiglas restoration company for commercial and passenger carrying vessels, with names such as the Queen Mary 2 on their books. Whether it is for stain removal or the application of easy clean coatings we have experience that sets us apart from the crowd. Onboard crew training is just one of the services that we can offer for your glass maintenance issues.

  • Vessel efficiency 100%
  • fuel and cleaning chemical savings 100%
  • Owner and crew 🙂 100%

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