Zertona is a liquid ceramic coating that forms a diamond hard protective layer for Paint, Gel-Coat and Glass  surfaces.


  • Easy to clean, cuts wash down time.
  • Prevents exhaust soot staining.
  • Economical and fast to use.
  • Provides a slick easy clean surface, no more polishing out  of acid rain.
  • Looks fantastic! High Gloss shine and improved depth of colour.
  • Preserves the original look and properties of a freshly painted finish.
  • No issues at all with surface repairs and repainting.
  • Long life and Zertona can be used in the renovation of tired paint and to extend the life span of new paint. This diamond hard coating fills the pores and stops pollution from deteriorating and staining the surface. A simple wash with fresh water or a soft soap is all that is needed.
  • You can apply it yourself or call our team in.


What out clients say



steve-jobs-yacht-venusThe guys applied Zertona around both side exhausts and the transom . We have done about 3000nm so far and it has worked well. We will look to re-apply at the end of the year.

Colin van der Elst





ISA 54M superyacht Forever One - Photo credit to Paolo Zitti-680Hi Derek, Great to hear from you, and thank you for your follow up! We are extremely happy with the Zertona that we applied to our new paint, it is a real saver especially around the exhausts of our mains.



Expect some additional orders,  Kostis




jiva_luxury_motor_yacht_underwayHi Derek, Just to let you know that the Zertona that we applied to our topsides is still performing wonderfully. As you know we have a black exhaust smoke problem and usually by mid season we are having to scrub away to try and keep the worst of it off.

After the Zertona treatment we just wash off with soft soap. Thank you for putting us onto Zertona it does exactly what is says on the tin!

Cpt. Steve Payne


M/Y Montkaj    IYCA  Antibes January 2016

Having come out of the ship yard with a paint job, we were keen to protect and extend the life of our new paint, especially on parts of the hull around the waterline exhausts. Having struggled for years, using strong chemical cleaning products to remove these marks we searched for a product that would protect the paint and make cleaning easier.

The product that we used is Zertona Ceramic Paint Guardian.

The results have been impressive to say the least. Our Zertona protection cuts down our cleaning time and any stains wash away  with just standard boat soap.

I was also impressed by the application process. After being instructed by a member of the Zertona team, the deck crew quickly and easily applied the product.

I would fully recommend Zertona Ceramic Paint Guardian. Easy application and great results.

Chief Officer RPB

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